sobota, 31. december 2011

No more PATENTS - all creative capability will be available to all, for all. no more "i invented this first so nobody else gets to use it and profit from it"

In an equal money system profit will be taken out of the equation and all products will be produced in the most effective and quality based way possible. Therefore there will be no need to protect ones invention per say, because one cannot profit from it anyway. Either it will be available to all, or it will not be produced, because a statement “I invented this first, this is mine”- or similar statements would indicate an ego possession which will not be taken into consideration. The equal money system in its roots will be designed in a way that it will promote inventions which are revolutionary in a way that they transform our current way of living in a capitalistic system. The possibilities that will emerge with the inventions in an equal money system will be most certainly the best inventions that we could ever come up with as a human race. This said it is clear by now that inventions which could benefit all mankind are already available, but are suppressed by the current economic system in the name of profit of corporations.

No more racism as you'll not fear others from being intruding your country for money

With equal money system racism will ultimately stop in a very short period of time as races will not have to compete among each other as they do today, because of the apparent differences between various races of earth. Today the competition among races of humanity is mostly driven by religion and money as some have less and others have more, which happened because of the set up of the current money system- where some win and others loose. Races will no longer need to stand together as a form of families that have to protect their money and their god, because there will be only one god as the equal money system and all will have access to everything which makes life on earth worth while.

No more `brainless` television

If you looked some reality shows on the television, you know what I am talking about. For  example Jerry Springer show or soap operas or other shows that are made only to brainwash people and to make them oblivious to reality. In an Equal Money System, there will be shows that are going to entertain you also, but in a different way. What you see today on television are shows that are made only to make you spend your time unproductively and on top of it, you become addicted to watch them and not miss a single episode. Equal Money System will change things in a way that you won't even need television anymore because a lot of other options will open up and you will be able to spend your time more effectively and make more fun out of it.


No, this doesn't mean that in an Equal Money System, everybody will walk naked on the beach but there will be no bikinis and such bathing suits that barely covers your ass. Now, you are wondering why would this be common sensical? Because in today's world sex sells. I wanted to buy new bathing suits this summer and I had to go over every store that sells them in order to find some that were fine for me, because bikinis are not comfortable at all. I had bikinis years ago and everytime I jumped into the swimming pool or into the ocean I had to be careful not to show something more than I wanted, if you know what I mean. Bathing suits should be comfortable and practical and not something that will be shown as sex object. Anyway, the bathing suits that will be produced in EMS will be made out of best materials and to suit everybody's needs.

sreda, 30. november 2011

Sleeping = waiting for death

I have become very lazy over the past couple of months. I don’t feel like doing anything but nothing and today I have realized that my “non-action” that has been going on and on has to stop. This is pretty much the same as if I would want to die. Just to give you an idea how my day looked like: I was sleeping as long as I could – this means hours and hours of sleeping which is basically the same as I waited for my death in my bed – I didn’t want to get up in the morning and start a day with some motivation, like doing something. Practical or not practical – it doesn’t matter because as long as I move and as long as I am present here in the moment. I was rather sleeping and not wanting to deal with what is here. The reason why is probably that I did not want to accept and face the reality as it is (to see who I really am and write myself out to become equal and one someday). I know that I have to deal with a lot of shit that I have been compounding over the years and this scares the hell out of me, because I believe within myself that I couldn’t handle all of it. Much self forgiveness will be required, starting from now on. So, the first thing that I obligated myself to do (or I will force and push myself to do – because this is currently the only way possible to start something moving), I will set up my alarm clock every morning at a reasonable time (this would be 7 or 8 am). I have tried this already but I failed because when it rang I just set it up to a sleeping mode and it rang every 5 minutes until I had enough and set a new time for the alarm which was postponed by one or two hours at least. The first decision is that I will get up in the morning when my alarm clock starts to ring; I will not postpone the alarm anymore, not even for a minute. Moving on to my daily routine: next when I finally got up, I went and wash my teeth, getting dressed and then I went to work. After coming home, I went out with my friends for a drink or I went onto my computer and just checked my mail, facebook, watch some videos on youtube, chatting online with people etc. I usually stayed up pretty late so when I had enough I went under the shower and back to bed. The second thing that I decided to do is to start writing self-forgiveness every day, step by step because I have difficult times doing that, so I will have to also push myself and create some routine in that perspective. Just to get started. So, these are two big points that I will have to start incorporating in my life, starting from now on. By sleeping less, I will have more than enough time to do things that I want or I have to finish (for example my diploma, or writing self-forgiveness, going out with my dog for a nice long walk,…) So, for the last time, here is my conclusion:
  • I  will no longer sleep as many hours “as I like”, instead I will get up in the morning when my alarm clock is rings, not trying to postpone my sleeping for another minute or two but just get up without any resistance
  • I will write self-forgiveness on daily basis, taking step at a time to gain consistency; I will not fear of writing, I will take it as something which will improve me as who I am
That is all for now, will keep you updated on how am I doing and dealing with new decisions that I have made.

torek, 29. november 2011

Will dildo research be done openly for real time feedback?

In an Equal Money System, dildo will be a luxury product – meaning: if one would like to have dildo for personal pleasure and satisfaction, she or he would have to work for it. Dildos won’t be produced in large amounts just because there will be no need for this. Why? Just look at today’s porn industry. Why is demand for dildos so high? Because people see all kinds of things in porn videos and they start to create some kind of desire to experience the same pleasure as seen on the screen of the TV or computer. They create an idea that they will get a super orgasmic experience by using sex toys just because a woman in porn screamed like crazy because of the pleasure she got by using a dildo, even though she exaggerated five times more than she actually enjoyed.
What would happen if dildo research would be done openly for real time feedback for everyone to see? This would be (for majority of people) porn in front of the live audience which would cause only abuse because many would go there and want to see “the action” and if you have a look from the common sense perspective; we are all different, we all have different needs, some like it this way, others like it another way. Because of that, there is no need for open dildo research because every one for themselves knows what gives them pleasure and this is subjective and personal thing which one can only find if she or he investigates what works best to satisfy the needs.

sreda, 23. november 2011

What happens to my credit card debt -my mortgage- personal debt?

In an Equal Money System all debt will be forgiven. In today's world we have to borrow money from banks for example - we have to take out a loan if we want to have our own house, car and other things which are almost necessary to have in our lives. We need those things right away and we can't wait 10, 20 or 30 years on a street, without a warm place to stay in for example and then move into a new house when we raise enough money to buy or build a new one. We have to take a loan. So because of that (and there are also a lot more examples in real life), we are all the time in debt. We pay our debts all our lives and when something is finally payed, a new loan comes up because the products are made to last only for a certain amount of time and then they break, don't work properly any more. But we still need a certain product so we have to go and buy it again.
We have to start fresh, therefore all debts will be erased in a new system. It is not right to pay for something because the system was made in a way to force people to go into debts. We didn't have any other options but to go with the system in order to survive in it. In an Equal Money System, we won't struggle to survive, we will live like kings and queens; everybody will have what they need and no one would have to worry about money.