sreda, 23. november 2011

What happens to my credit card debt -my mortgage- personal debt?

In an Equal Money System all debt will be forgiven. In today's world we have to borrow money from banks for example - we have to take out a loan if we want to have our own house, car and other things which are almost necessary to have in our lives. We need those things right away and we can't wait 10, 20 or 30 years on a street, without a warm place to stay in for example and then move into a new house when we raise enough money to buy or build a new one. We have to take a loan. So because of that (and there are also a lot more examples in real life), we are all the time in debt. We pay our debts all our lives and when something is finally payed, a new loan comes up because the products are made to last only for a certain amount of time and then they break, don't work properly any more. But we still need a certain product so we have to go and buy it again.
We have to start fresh, therefore all debts will be erased in a new system. It is not right to pay for something because the system was made in a way to force people to go into debts. We didn't have any other options but to go with the system in order to survive in it. In an Equal Money System, we won't struggle to survive, we will live like kings and queens; everybody will have what they need and no one would have to worry about money.

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  1. Yes, forgiving all debt and starting fresh is the key to a new world of equality and oneness.