ponedeljek, 15. avgust 2011

I need to buy something

A lot of the times I catch myself thinking that I have to buy something. I want to satisfy my desire and urge just by looking at things in the shop and not buying them. It is like a obsession because I don't really need those things - I just want to buy them for no reason (well...the real reason is that feeling that I get when I own something new, when I can actually look and hold this thing and have it in my possession). Many times I already hold something new in my hand and I am already walking towards cashier's but then I stop and I ask myself if I really need this and in many cases I don't. I just need this feeling that I get after buying something. Also it is not the same satisfaction if I buy food or if I buy for example a piece of clothing.So the conclusion here is that I get this satisfactory feeling only when I buy something that I don't need. I don't need air refreshener for my car and I bought it anyway, I don't need 6 glasses, because I have them enough at home but I bought them anyway just because they cost me only 2€. Oh, and I won't even go and tell you about shopping clothes and shoes...It is insane...how many things we buy and then they are just lying at home in some corner because they have no practical value - the only value that this things had was the feeling of buying something eventhough it is totally unpractical and useles. Just look around your home how many things that you don't use are there. There are millions of souvenirs (silly hats, small sculptures, jugs), jewelry, cosmetic things and also clothes and shoes that you wear once a year. I have a lot of clothes and I find myself wearing just a few of them, the rest I don't wear at all. And when I clean my closet and I want throw away (give away) all the clothes that I don't really wear I say to myself "Whell, I didn't really wear this top this year but I will wear it from now on." and I don't. It is in the closet for another year - untouchable. I don't wear it but I can't give it away also. Strange but true.