sobota, 31. december 2011

No more PATENTS - all creative capability will be available to all, for all. no more "i invented this first so nobody else gets to use it and profit from it"

In an equal money system profit will be taken out of the equation and all products will be produced in the most effective and quality based way possible. Therefore there will be no need to protect ones invention per say, because one cannot profit from it anyway. Either it will be available to all, or it will not be produced, because a statement “I invented this first, this is mine”- or similar statements would indicate an ego possession which will not be taken into consideration. The equal money system in its roots will be designed in a way that it will promote inventions which are revolutionary in a way that they transform our current way of living in a capitalistic system. The possibilities that will emerge with the inventions in an equal money system will be most certainly the best inventions that we could ever come up with as a human race. This said it is clear by now that inventions which could benefit all mankind are already available, but are suppressed by the current economic system in the name of profit of corporations.

No more racism as you'll not fear others from being intruding your country for money

With equal money system racism will ultimately stop in a very short period of time as races will not have to compete among each other as they do today, because of the apparent differences between various races of earth. Today the competition among races of humanity is mostly driven by religion and money as some have less and others have more, which happened because of the set up of the current money system- where some win and others loose. Races will no longer need to stand together as a form of families that have to protect their money and their god, because there will be only one god as the equal money system and all will have access to everything which makes life on earth worth while.

No more `brainless` television

If you looked some reality shows on the television, you know what I am talking about. For  example Jerry Springer show or soap operas or other shows that are made only to brainwash people and to make them oblivious to reality. In an Equal Money System, there will be shows that are going to entertain you also, but in a different way. What you see today on television are shows that are made only to make you spend your time unproductively and on top of it, you become addicted to watch them and not miss a single episode. Equal Money System will change things in a way that you won't even need television anymore because a lot of other options will open up and you will be able to spend your time more effectively and make more fun out of it.


No, this doesn't mean that in an Equal Money System, everybody will walk naked on the beach but there will be no bikinis and such bathing suits that barely covers your ass. Now, you are wondering why would this be common sensical? Because in today's world sex sells. I wanted to buy new bathing suits this summer and I had to go over every store that sells them in order to find some that were fine for me, because bikinis are not comfortable at all. I had bikinis years ago and everytime I jumped into the swimming pool or into the ocean I had to be careful not to show something more than I wanted, if you know what I mean. Bathing suits should be comfortable and practical and not something that will be shown as sex object. Anyway, the bathing suits that will be produced in EMS will be made out of best materials and to suit everybody's needs.