sobota, 31. december 2011

No more PATENTS - all creative capability will be available to all, for all. no more "i invented this first so nobody else gets to use it and profit from it"

In an equal money system profit will be taken out of the equation and all products will be produced in the most effective and quality based way possible. Therefore there will be no need to protect ones invention per say, because one cannot profit from it anyway. Either it will be available to all, or it will not be produced, because a statement “I invented this first, this is mine”- or similar statements would indicate an ego possession which will not be taken into consideration. The equal money system in its roots will be designed in a way that it will promote inventions which are revolutionary in a way that they transform our current way of living in a capitalistic system. The possibilities that will emerge with the inventions in an equal money system will be most certainly the best inventions that we could ever come up with as a human race. This said it is clear by now that inventions which could benefit all mankind are already available, but are suppressed by the current economic system in the name of profit of corporations.

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