sobota, 31. december 2011


No, this doesn't mean that in an Equal Money System, everybody will walk naked on the beach but there will be no bikinis and such bathing suits that barely covers your ass. Now, you are wondering why would this be common sensical? Because in today's world sex sells. I wanted to buy new bathing suits this summer and I had to go over every store that sells them in order to find some that were fine for me, because bikinis are not comfortable at all. I had bikinis years ago and everytime I jumped into the swimming pool or into the ocean I had to be careful not to show something more than I wanted, if you know what I mean. Bathing suits should be comfortable and practical and not something that will be shown as sex object. Anyway, the bathing suits that will be produced in EMS will be made out of best materials and to suit everybody's needs.

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