torek, 22. november 2011

Will there be DIP in schools?

DIP or Desteni I Process is a course where we can perfect ourselves in a way where we free ourselves from any fears, self - doubts, we can overcome limitations and learn about how our mind works and master feelings and emotions.
In an Equal Money System there will be no DIP course in a regular schooling program, since learning program will be designed in a way which is best for all. Children will learn not only to read, write, science, mathematics and other subjects; they will also learn about life in general, how to correct and apply themselves. Schooling system will be much different from the current one, because now only grades matters and in an EMS this will change, since there will be emphasis on actual content and it will be introduced in a way that will encourage children to think and participate actively throughout learning hours. Of course one will have a chance to also participate in DIP course but this will be offered outside of regular schooling program if one will decide to take part in it.

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