sreda, 29. junij 2011

My story about finding Desteni

Before I was introduced to Desteni, I got back together with somebody from my teenage years. I was all into love and consequently I got really jealous and frustrated when we weren’t together, so I was thinking all the time about what he is doing and if he is with somebody else and so on (because we lived 40 minutes drive away). One day I was driving to him with my friend Blaž and we discussed about my emotions and feelings. Blaž introduced me Desteni and its message and at that time it was interesting to me (I didn’t fully understand what it is all about but I got the basic idea) but not interesting enough to investigate it more deeply. I even remember my thoughts back then – the idea is interesting but I am not that type of person who would do that kind of things.

So, one day I mentioned Desteni to my boyfriend and he already knew about it. The thing was that he was doing his process a few years ago but then quit because of the pressure from his friends. I reminded him about it and he started to do it again. At that time I wasn’t following Desteni – I even laughed at him about that. It was all silly to me – the portal and dimensions, even though the messages were clear to me. But I was OK with that as long as I am with him so I can have him – in control. It was also “worked in my advantage” because he quit drinking alcohol and smoking weed so I was calm within myself because I didn’t have any worries about him cheating on me (LOL). Thinking about that now it’s pretty clear that to me this was all about self interest – me being happy and calm and not worrying, have a “true love” and that kind of things.  One day he said to me that we can’t be together anymore if I don’t clear myself and be honest with myself and him – if I don’t start to do my process. So I got really scared, my dreams about “true love” were ruined. Because of this ultimatum that he made, I started to read articles and watch videos so he would see that I am doing something. But I did all of this just because of the fact that if I don’t do this, I will lose him – I did this because I wanted him to be mine. I pretended that I am very into Desteni and such bullshit. But more I read the articles and watched videos more I realized that all of this which they say is true. I know now that this has to be done, it is no other way, no escape from that.

Desteni I process helped me to get started with my writing and also this course has given me a lot of guides in how to use tools more effectively. I became more self directed and consistent. I became aware of my experiences because before Desteni, experiences were just there, without questioning why or how. But now I can see my reactions within myself more clearly.

So this is my short story about how I found Desteni. I never questioned myself where we came from or a life as a greater purpose, but I was certain that we live in the experiment where our life is controlled by a greater force and that we are in a labyrinth like mousses – trapped inside with no escape, that we don’t have control over our own lives and everything is designed to happen in a certain way (like there was a script and we are puppets who are playing by that script). And this is not far from the truth.

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  1. lol, the same case with my current girlfriends. Her "love demons" brought her to me, and now she is forced to study Desteni if she wants to stay with me. And she is also seeing the common sense in that and becoming more and more enthusiastic. Thanks for sharing Ajda!