nedelja, 26. junij 2011

Steroids and the perfect male body

This is another blog about body image and what people are prepared to do just to fit in into nowadays society standards.

I was looking some documentary about steroids and it is really interesting how people (mostly men) think that they have to be muscular in order to be noticeable, to have respect from other men and of course to look good in women’s eyes.

Even though steroids are more commonly used in bodybuilding the usage of them is spreading out in non-bodybuilder circles, where there is a need and desire to have more muscle or desire to shed unwanted fat and dissatisfaction with one’s physique. In the most recent years steroid use is getting more popular between teenagers and this is a point to take into the consideration because this clearly shows that more and more young people are obsessed with their body image and they would do almost anything just to fit in. They do not think about the consequences that can happen years later.

In my recent blog I was writing about Barbie doll and the ideal of female body but now, let’s have a look at the ideal of men’s body just by looking at this picture which shows Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo in 1978 on the left side of the photo and the same action figures 20 years later on the right.
What message do this dolls spread among people? Why people can’t accept the fact that they are as they are. Why do we need to change ourselves in order to please others? Why do we think that we are not good enough? Why, why, why? Wouldn’t it be great if we would live in a society where no comparison would be involved, and no pointing fingers, bullying, inferiority and superiority?

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