sreda, 19. oktober 2011

Capitalism vs. Equal Money System

A lot of expensive things that we buy have warranty and when I go to the shop and I am looking for a product that is of "higher" quality I always look if it has longer warranty than other products which they offer in the store. Why? Because the product will last longer. But the fact is that when warranty expires, the product won't last much longer because we live in the capitalistic world where everything is based on profit. Companies make such products that will last for a couple of years and then they will break or will not work as it should any longer and you will need to buy a new one eventually. That is how it works in today's world. The goal for every company is to make as much money as possible and so they make crappy things which you will have to replace as soon as the warranty expires because you can't live without them, you need them in life but there are no companies that will make products that will last you for all your life.
I found at home really old shaving machine which is made from metal and if I would  accidentally drop it  on the floor it won't break and it will work just fine compared to the other shaving machine which I bought a year ago and is made from plastic. I have to be really careful not to drop it because it would break immediately and I could just throw it away into garbage. What I would like to say is that things are made from materials which are not strong and don't last. Another example would be my mobile phone. After warranty expired on my phone it worked just for another two months. Then the microphone stopped working and if I wanted to get that repaired I would pay more money then if I just bought a new phone. By making such things only for profit we just buy, buy, buy and throw away, throw away, throw away into the garbage. We produce a lot more garbage than we would if the products were from materials that can't break so easily or if I say - that aren't made to break down on purpose. In a way it is logical that it is how it is because companies compete between each other and they are driven by the profit. More they can get from consumers, the better.
In an equal money system there will be no competition, products will be made from the best materials possible and they will last for a lifetime if not even more. Companies will not make product because of the profit. You will buy something and if by any chance the product won't work or for some reasons break, you will get a new one. By making such things, we will not produce as much garbage anymore and this is what I would call "best for all". Best for humans that need products and best for our nature, because it will be able to breathe again. So, support Equal Money System and show the capitalism your middle finger!

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  1. Exactly! It's retarded how things are made in capitalism. The sooner we establish an Equal Money System the better. Supporting capitalistic greed is a waste of everything, it's the most wasteful system we have ever created. It's like a mirror that shows us what we are and right now we are garbage... Time to take self-responsibility and stand for what is Best for All!