nedelja, 23. oktober 2011

Will the queen of England still be the queen in an Equal Money System?

No, the queen of England will not be the queen anymore as there will be no queens or kings in an equal money system. Neither there will be no princes or princesses as all will be equal and in such a way we shall not have slaves who make the queen of England possible today, worshipping her as something greater than other human beings. The queen of England will no longer be necessary as the queen of England is on its throne only as a consequence of the current economic system where some can be more than others depending on how much money they have, thus how much power they possess. The bloodlines of the past as kings and queens will no longer hold their power because the power that money holds today will be taken out of the equation and in this way there will no longer be an economic system where profit rules as the corporations of this world who are at an invisible war for money. The Equal money system will bring power to all and thus in a way making everyone the queen of England.

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