ponedeljek, 10. januar 2011

Update on writing

So I am working on the second lesson of the ITD course and the assignment is helping me a lot, because we have to write about our experiences through the day in terms of emotions, thoughts and feelings. It is very cool assignment since I have troubles to write every day. I have to force myself to sit down every evening and go through the day and through my thoughts. By doing that, I can see that I am becoming more consistent in writing. I still have troubles to be aware of what I am doing throughout the day, meaning I catch myself drowning in my thoughts and when I realize that I am in my mind I can’t really remember what I was thinking about. I simply forget to be here, totally aware of every moment. I find this really hard (not to be in my mind) and I realized right now that every time I try to write down about my day and when I don’t remember some parts of a situation I get really frustrated about it and I blame myself because I can’t remember a certain thought or emotion. I also have to utilize the four count breath but again I simply forget to breathe because I can quickly flow back into my thoughts. Well…I will need a lot of practice and self control. Let’s do this! 

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