sreda, 01. september 2010

Mind is not a boogeyman!

I watched some desteni material on youtube today and I came across this video which talks about how our mind can assist us in our process. In my previous post I said that I have to fight so I can win against my mind  and now I have realized that this is not a battle between myself and my mind – it is great tool for me to work with because only then I can see what I have really accepted. To be honest,  I was scared of my mind because if any thoughts came up, I immediately judge myself to have that thoughts instead of watching them so I can see the reason that sticks behind all of that. Before this realization I was trying to stop my thoughts, emotions, feelings, pretending that they never happened but seeing now this was only disshonesty to myself because stopping them didn't solve the problem (actually stopping was not successfull at all because then I was thinking in my head how I need to stop my thoughts and then I was talking in my mind to myself »stop the thoughts, they are bad, stop them«  and then I had random voices in my head and I was doing a bigger mess than it was before). So I realized that my mind can assist me a lot because I can see what still exists whitin me. Now I see this as an opportunity for me to be self honest.

2 komentarja:

  1. "Thinking hot to stop the thoughts" - LoL, this is somehow tricky. Nice to realize that you need another way to stop thoughts.

  2. LoL, it seems very familiar to me."Thinking hot to stop the thoughts".And then even become angry and feeling guilty because of my own thoughts... I also had such issues. There were times, when I read Eckhart Tolle a lot and (tried) to sat in zen meditation, and at that point i thought, that solution of all my life problems will be just to stop all my thoughts and emotions. But unfortunately the experiment wasn't successful...obviously!