nedelja, 29. avgust 2010

No more hiding!

I am running away from my thoughts and mindfucks that I have and that are constantly chasing me. I tried to convince myself that these thoughts are harmless and if I am thinking and making conversations in my head which I am aware of, then this is nothing to worry about. But this was just an exuse for hiding me and my little voices in my head so I could be safe in my little bubble - the mind. Well...actually it is not that little at all! So this little or not so little bubble is trying to suck my life out of me and make me a robot that needs energy for its survival. It's trying pretty hard and its pretty effective but I will fight until this bubble will pop.
So Ajda, face yourself, get brutal and stop, stop, STOP!

4 komentarji:

  1. Hi Ajda :D

    "I will fight"
    "get brutal and stop, stop, STOP!"

    Careful Ajda. See your words.

    Take it easy, lol. Walk point by point, breath by breath. It is to realize self within the mess that self has accepted and allowed, it is not about winning from the Mind.
    The SRA-Course is a very effective way to start facing yourself. Are you already considering taking the SRA-Course?

  2. Hey Ajda

    cool you're starting to write yourself to freedom, enjoy!

  3. Hi!
    I have to start writing and by getting brutal I ment exactly what you told me - realize self within the mess that I have accepted and allowed. And this is some serious shit that I was hiding from and not wanting or willing to accept, so I have to push myself and starting to do something about it.
    I will take the course, probably I will sign myself in the middle of September, when my next paycheck arrives :)
    Thank you for comments and support!

  4. Cool Ajda that you've started the war on your mind.
    Or should you make a peace of mind instead? ;)