nedelja, 24. april 2011

Is Heaven on Earth possible?

Yesterday, I caught myself complaining about my job while talking to someone and I have noticed that I wanted her to feel sorry for me (like how I am poor because I work for low wage and every day including weekends and holydays, not really good working time, etc.).But then I was like “What the f***?!”- I am complaining here because I HAVE the job while others can’t even get it and I can afford things like more than a half of the world can’t…Imagine all the people who have to work all day (for 15 hours or more per day) and who get paid like 2$ per day or even less than that. 

Now…the question I have asked myself was how would I survive with 2$ per day? I couldn’t. These people (including children) have to work in terrible conditions, they can barely support themselves, have no shelter, food…And for what? So people in elite countries can buy a pair of Nike shoes for 100$ or more, when they in fact cost less than 5$ to make.

The real solution is here – Equal Money System, where all life will be treated equally from birth to death.

Investigate Equal Money System and join us, so we can create real HEAVEN ON EARTH for ALL!

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  1. Yes, some here complain to have too little even with 3002 € of salary, but when compared with those who earn 2 € per day or less, we get quite a different picture.